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LEED Gold certification for Segreen Business Park

Updated: Mar 20

The NEST building in Segrate has been certified #LEED Gold with 76 points!

The building is located inside the Segreen - Business park in the San Felice district of Segrate, an area full of services, cycle paths and public transport. Intervening on an already built-up area, increasing the permeable surfaces and green areas, rather than building a new complex on natural soil, is an important aspect in terms of #sustainable #development.

These are fundamental choices for the future of our planet and above all for the well-being and life of everyone. #NoPlanetB

The creation of livable and comfortable spaces, created through a process that monitors emissions over the life cycle, ensures low energy consumption and creates new green areas, is the real challenge of modern #building. In this direction, energy-environmental protocols, such as those of the #LEED - #GBC family, constitute one of the most efficient tools for enhancing the aspects of #sustainability, #healthiness, #measurability, #energy saving and #resilience of the building system.

We thank our Sustainability Team for this important result!

The next important step will be the #WELL submission to complete the sustainability evaluation process both at the building level and at the level of people's well-being.

Read more about this project here!

Read more about the project here!



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