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Lybra Building is going forward: the photovoltaic cladding is getting assembled!

Updated: Mar 20

Work continues on #Lybra - C29 in Milan.

The cladding of the fronts is being assembled, characterized by structural #façades in opaque glass, of which two thirds of the surfaces contain #photovoltaic elements.

This choice, developed in the Park Associati project, will significantly increase the surfaces available for the installation of renewable sources, ensuring the reduction of the #environmental impact and the self-sufficiency of the building, without precluding the architectural, aesthetic and #transparency of the surfaces, thus ensuring ideal lighting of the work environments.

Read more about the project here!


General management of works: TEKNE S.p.A.

Project Management: Redbrick Investment Group

Company: Costruzioni Generali Gilardi S.p.A.

Contracting Company: ENRICO COLOMBO S.p.A.

Photo Courtesy by Park Associati


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