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TEKNE looks to the future through the conception of projects and the introduction of innovations that not only transform, but inspire and improve people's lives through innovative, effective and efficient solutionsWith over a century of experience, we continue a strong tradition of excellence in engineering and architecture, founded on a heritage full of challenges and successes.

Innovation is an essential pillar of our identity, and we are firmly determined to perpetuate this legacy, looking to the future with dedication and clarity of purpose.

We celebrate our long history in our commitment to embody the principles of innovation and progress. For us, tradition is not a mere memory of the past, but is a continuous source of inspiration for the future. In our approach to engineering and architecture, we combine the experience and professionalism gained with the latest technologies and methodologies, proudly offering solutions that stand the test of time



TEKNE is committed to creating sustainable value for the future, paving the way to inspire and drive change through advanced and innovative solutions, attentive to the well-being of the people who live in the spaces and the nature that welcomes them.

Sustainability is a key principle that guides our actions, assuming an intrinsic responsibility towards the environment and future generations.

Each project is conceived with deep environmental awareness, aiming to optimize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability is not an option, but an imperative priority. It is the starting point from which we intend to help shape a future in which innovation, sustainability and tradition can coexist in harmony and balance.

The B-Corp certification obtained in 2023 is testimony of this commitment

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