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TEKNE has been synonymous with advanced specialization and reliability for over 150 years. During this period, we have carried out projects of significant relevance in all sectors of construction and integrated design, helping to define the history of Italian and international architecture and engineering through the creation of iconic and distinctive landmarks.

Stabilimento Barilla a Parma, Carlo Rusconi Clerici

Our specialization and innovative approach have their roots in 1875, when Giulio Rusconi-Clerici began his engineering career after graduating from the Politecnico di Milano. The tradition of ecellence has been handed down through the generations of the Rusconing Clerici Family, strengthening a long-standing know-how.

TEKNE, led then by Carlo Rusconi-Clerici, marked a period of remarkable growth during the years of the economic miracle, contributing to the planning of new industrial hubs in several regions of southern Italy.  Our company has proved itself as a key player in the pioneering development of the integrated engineering in Italy and abroad.

Our history is characterised by collaborations with renowned Italian and international architects, cultimating in projects of considerable architectural and engineering value. Today, TEKNE continues to lead ambitious projects of diverse sizes with passion and competence, facing challenges in the civil, structural and plant engineering fields.




Giulio Rusconi Clerici (25 March 1848 – 08 August 1918) started his own engineering firm after graduating from the Regio Politecnico di Milano.
His design activity stood out for its important contribution to the railway development of Brianza, designing the works and managing the construction sites for numerous routes, holding managerial roles in the Compagnia Anonima per le Ferrovie della Bianza Centrale.

Proposta di progetto per una Stazione a Milano, in Piazza Cadorna - Ing. G.Rusconi Clerici (1888)

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