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March is B-Corp Month! Let's discover together how to contribute as a society for a more sustainable future.

#BCorpMonth begins today, an initiative by B Lab Italia to raise awareness of a more #sustainable and #positive approach to business, work and life, including work policies, internal initiatives and dissemination on the subject of the environment, sustainability and benefit of daily life.

#Sustainability involves both the approach to respect for the #environment, energy saving and reducing the impact on #climate change, but also to #mental health, #happiness and #wellbeing in the work environment and in corporate life policies.

Being a B-Corp means looking beyond your core business and paying attention to all those elements that make TEKNE an all-round positive company.

Over the course of these weeks we will discover together many small, big choices that we have undertaken in our business and in our #worklife to contribute to a better future both for our collaborators and for the users of the projects in which we participate.


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