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Complex for multinenant office spaces

- Decontamination project and studies
- preliminary, definitive, executive specialized design 
- Detailed architectural design 
- Assistance and verification of competition bidding process 
- Construction Supervision 
- safety coordination during the design and construction stages
- Assistance and verification of LEED, WELL and WIRED SCORE criteria 
- Urban planning study of access and parking traffic



Europa Risorse Srl

Intervention typology

New Construction & Fit-Out

Project Area



32.500.000 (Entire Intervention)





Concept Design

Studio Elementare - Paolo Pasqualini Architetti


20k sqm - gross surface


WiredScore Silver


Photo: Andrea Zanchi / Courtesy by Segreen

In collaboration with

The project that the property intends to pursue has the objective of overall redevelopment and enhancement of the building complex identified with the name of NEST-SEGREEN. The project involves the demolition and reconstruction (building replacement) of the buildings called “M” and “L” and the redevelopment of the building “R” which will be affected by conservative rehabilitation. As far as the destinations of use are concerned, the tertiary-directional use already given to the complex is confirmed, and also the functions that it intends to establish such as the cafeteria and the auditorium are all seen as activities pertaining to the tertiary activity. In addition to the office buildings, greenhouses will be made, suitably shielded from the sun, both with blind surfaces on the casing and with internal curtains. All of different sizes and functions, all with a pitched roof with a 45 ° inclination, will host numerous services. In fact, the complex already houses a nursery that will be maintained on the lower floor of the canteen building. The greenhouse bar / auditorium, characterized internally by a wooden staircase, for moments of collective work but above all for leisure time, provides access below it to an additional closed and soundproof staircase for conferences below one hundred participants. The aforementioned steps lead to two other meeting rooms that form a true small conference center and the Fitness area. The City of Segrate represents an example of quality of urban development within the reality of the Milanese hinterland. There is a strong presence of great architectures, both at the level of national and international corporate offices, and of architectures of cultural interest, such as the former Town Hall of Guido Canella and the fountain of Aldo Rossi always in the same square of the city center.

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