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Renovation historical building

The renovation and reorganization involves a portion of a XX Century building, adjacent to the ancient Loggia dei Mercanti, formerly used for offices and shops at the street level.

The project aims at an overall conversion of the internal spaces, for the creation of a new multi-storey retail space, with levels interconnected by means of a new volume, with escalators for vertical distribution. At the top floor, the project places a new sky-bar.

In this delicate restructuring, TEKNE is in charge for the complete renovation of all the building systems and for the seismic upgrading of the structures, which is particularly complex, in order to reduce the impact on the building as much as possible.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

   Generali sgr spa

> Period 

   2017 - Ongoing

> Architectural design

  Studio Aldo Cibic, with Atelier Verticale Architetti 

Project Summary


5.500 sqm

Value of works

9.7 MLN


- Structures and MEP concept,

- Detailed design phase,

- Integrated technical design phase,

- Building permits assistance,

- Safety and security during construction phase.

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