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Social housing in historical building

The project provides for the renovation of a residential building dating back to 1908, located in Milan, at via Padova; the building is divided in five parts, with independent stairwells of 3, 4 and 5 floors above ground, plus a basement with cellars. The intended use is predominantly residential, with small portions for commercial use (on the street front) and offices on the ground floor.

The property is located along the street side, on a stretch of the avenue rather wide, near to Piazzale Loreto. The context consists of buildings with distribution balconies, often in conditions somewhat degraded. Also the building subject to intervention was in a bad state, with urgent need for maintenance works on the facades, as well for a radical restructuring of the interior.

The project is promoted by the Investment Management Company Polaris, with funding arising from the Federal Property Fund of Lombardia for works of social interest. The aim of the client is to transform the building into a structure accessible, equipped and well integrated, in order to meet the growing housing needs of people in difficulty, young couples and immigrant families, who have limited access to the free housing market.

This purpose is particularly significant in an area like that of Via Padova, traditionally characterized by the presence of foreign residents and today one of the Milanese districts with the strongest multi-ethnic character.

In fact, the program will offer aid and support paths to facilitate the housing and social inclusion of Italian and foreign residents, and will promote as well recreational, social and cultural activities, to favor the aggregation
between different social actors and the revitalization of the urban district.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

 Fondo abitare sociale


> Period 

   2011 - 2012


Project Summary


3.670 sqm

Value of works

5.5 MLN


- Integrated and coordinated design,

- Building permits;

- Health and safety design and construction phase;

- Construction supervision.

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