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Residential complex

Competition for the construction of new urban spaces for social housing settlements. For the “Via Ovada” lot, the group formed by Prof. Arch. Raffaello Cecchi (group leader), Prof. Enza Lima and TEKNE was the winner.

The project includes the construction of 11,000 m² of residential buildings distributed as follows:

- a horseshoe-shaped building (above ground 7.196 m2, basement 1.600 m2);

- a tower building (above ground 3,620 m2, 1,300 m2 underground), intended in part as communal residences and partly as a service center;

- parking lots

- work on the surrounding lot as a park.

The built area will rise inside a park, coming to constitute a Campus in which living spaces, services and green area interpenetrate to form the rich and articulated concept of living: man is understood as a social subject that inhabits the territory, which in turn is not only the soil / building but interpenetration of green space, connections and social fabric.

The work assignment program is extremely close, coinciding with the beginning of 2006

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

   Comune di Milano


> Period 

   2005 - 2009

> Architectural design

   Raffaello Cecchi

Enza Lima

Project Summary


48.000 sqm

Value of works

12 MLN


- Structures and MEP concept, detailed and construction design phase,

- Health and safety,

- Construction supervision

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