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Renovation of a business complex

Objective of the project is a complete renovation of the asset, able to maintain the architectural image of the building created in the 70’s by Claudio Longo and Giulio Ricci, strongly marked by aluminum shading elements on the facades.

The project has been developed in particular in view of a future property use by multiple tenants, providing space units of different sizes (half storey, one storey or more adjacent storey), thus providing a high flexibility of the internal spaces and subdivision of systems and facilities.


An effective planning of interior space was developed to overcome the constraint of the existing structures (consisting mainly of concrete paartitions with regular spans of 4,80 m in all workplaces), through the study of typical layouts based on a flexible mesh, which allows to solve the most of all the interior spaces for easy and fast reconfiguration in time.In order to ensure a high energy efficiency and reduce property management costs, the project considers the makeover of the entire outer casing (proposing a new shading system, coupled with a high performance façade); for plants,


it is provided the use of a new generation mixed system, with heat pump with condensation connected to the water (for the large part of the supply) and air (for the remaining part).The redevelopment of the building is designed according to the requirements of the environmental certification system LEED Core & Shell.

> Location


> Client 

 Antirion SGR spa


> Period 

   2015 - 2017

> Architectural design


Project Summary


20.000 sqm

Value of works

24 MLN



Finalist at GBC Award 2018

Milan, Italy


Work accomplished on Via Montegrappa

Milan, Italy


- Integrated and coordinated design,

- Building permits,

- Cadastre assistance,

- Construction supervision and accounting,

- Safety and security,



Redevelopment Ex Tecnimont Building

Milan, Italy

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