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Building redevelopmnet

The building complex that houses the Recordati S.p.A. consists of several buildings located in the eastern area of ​​Milan, and includes both the productive part and the part of offices and representation.

The intervention in question, qualified as part of the "extraordinary maintenance / conservative remediation", aims to carry out extraordinary maintenance of a portion of the fourth floor of the building, mainly occupied by laboratories gravitating to the activity of enclosure, now disused , for the construction of new offices; the punctual restructuring of laboratory environments and annexed offices, including the plant adaptation to the new requests of the client according to AIFA standards, and the repainting of the existing offices on the third floor.

The decommissioning of the enclosure and the laboratories and the establishment of the new offices, entails the indispensable intervention on the existing facades consisting in the increase of the surface of the existing windows and in the opening of new ones, suitable to guarantee lighting and natural ventilation of the environments.
The intervention, in its entirety, also involves the adaptation of the existing plant and the replacement of the AHUs in coverage.

Areas affected by the interventions described above:

• third floor: 965 sqm - repainting: 930 sqm
• fourth floor: 800 square meters
• roof floor: 780 sqm

> Location


> Client 

Recordati spa


> Period 

   2018 - 2019


Project Summary


2.600 sqm

Value of works

2.5 MLN


- Civil and MEP survey;

- Civil, structural and MEP concept and        construction design;

- Administrative permits; 

- Tender assistance; 

- Construction supervision;

- Safety and security

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