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Building adaptation and restructuring

The complex of via Monfalcone consists of a offices building laboratories and an warehouse with an underground garage. The value of the buildings concerns both their upgrade and their energy requalification and their adaptation, first of all to the fire regulations. The warehouse and garage, in particular, will be equipped with a new security ladder and new sprinkler systems for the three underground floors of the garage. Inside the office building, the adaptation will concern the securing of the existing staircase, which will be equipped with a smoke filter and a quiet space.

Regarding the distribution aspects and the restyling of the building, the project provides flexible lay-out, exploiting the efficiency of vertical distribution, which sees a single central core between the two arms of the building. The work areas in the south and east sleeves, on all floors, are independent and can be treated as autonomous units, internally organized as open-space or with separate offices.


The landing spaces are configured as small floor lobbies, overlooking the covered patio that illuminates these environments and allows the activation of a natural ventilation system. On the ground floor, the extension inside the patio allows to realize a comfortable reception space.

The proposed solution for the renovation of facades aims to improve the quality of construction with small and simple interventions. For the purpose of adapting the existing staircase, new external landings will be built on the front of Via Monfalcone, which will be masked by a wooden slat-beam brise-soleil.

The same element will be placed on the opposite side of the staircase, on the south facade. A second option provides for the possibility of installing these same modular brise-soleil systems also on the windowed walls, allowing the
shielding from the summer solar radiation and achieving a more homogeneous and contemporary image of the building.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

Ubis for Generali RE


> Period 

   2012 - 2013


Project Summary


4.750 sqm

Value of works

3.6 MLN

- Feasibility study, 

- Integrated and coordinated planning,

- Works supervision accounting, 

- Safety coordination during planning and


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