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Executive building inside Malpensa Airport

SEA realizes an executive building on 4 floors (1000 m2 per floor) for the National Civil Aviation Authority on the grounds of Malpensa Airport.

The building is connected to the Terminal 1 terminal by a 200 m pedestrian walkway that crosses the road.
The building, of rectangular plan, is characterized by the large windows of the structural facades equipped with high quality glazing.

A fixed shading system protects the sides most exposed to solar radiation.

Outside the building is characterized by a vertical brise-soleil system, located near the south side of the building and a horizontal system crowning the roof, made with aluminum grids.

The emergency staircase on the north side of the building, made of metal carpentry, with grating galvanized steel steps, is completely covered with a galvanized steel grid.

The structure of the new building is in reinforced concrete cast in situ, up to the floor of the ground floor and in steel for the floors above ground.

The beams of the floors and the columns are made up of hot-profiled elements, while the floors are made of corrugated sheets of the type cooperating with the completion casting in concrete and welded mesh.
The staircases and elevators are in reinforced concrete cast in situ, while the foundations are of the direct type with continuous beams and with stalls for the stairwells.

The external envelope of the building consists of a semi-structural façade with uprights and crosspieces in aluminum with "thermal break"; the façade is made with three alternating mirrors of insulated blind panels and double-glazed windows,

Inside the building the partitions are made by dividing walls, made with modular blind and glazed movable walls.
The floors are raised with a vinyl finish, porcelain stoneware, wood and the false ceilings are in staves, pre-painted steel panels, micro-perforated and in mineral fiber.

The connecting pedestrian walkway leading from the portion of the parking lot of the building to the height of the arrivals area of ​​Terminal 1, consists of an artifact made of a reinforced concrete structure and a metal structure covering structure.

> Location

   Varese, Italy

> Client 

 SEA S.p.a.


> Period 

   2005 - 2007

Project Summary


4.000 sqm

Value of works


- Integrated and coordinated detailed design,

- Integrated and coordinated technical design,

- Safety and security during construction phase


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