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As a company structured to offer integrated and complete services, TEKNE deals with engineering, managing and supervising the execution of construction projects, with a qualified experience in the field of Construction Management and Works Management.

In recent years, we have in fact successfully directed or supervised the construction of buildings and infrastructures of considerable complexity and great architectural and urban quality; the value of the most important of these works exceeds 400 million euros.

The integrated approach benefits us in identifying the best opportunities to add value and improve the quality of the works. It also allows us to make planning effective, in relation to time and cost objectives and the characteristics of the contexts in which we operate, paying maximum attention on the one hand to the optimization of processes, for the purpose of better control of the methods of execution and quality of outcomes, on the other hand to safety, health and environmental sustainability conditions.


  • Planning of construction activities,

  • Planning of the construction site,

  • Health an safety design plan, 

  • General and specialized construction supervision,

  • On-site assistance, 

  • Supervision of construction contracts,

  • Budget and purchasing management,

  • Accounting checks and work progress,

  • Tests in progress technical and administrative,

  • Building permits and follow-up to obtain the final authorizations,

  • Maintenance manuals and "as built" drawings

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