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Building for Offices and Laboratories

The restructuring Intervention has seen the demolition of an entire commercial building and the reconstruction “in silhouette” of a new building to house offices, laboratories, warehouses, training center and after-sales center.

The constraint to reconstruction in respect of pre-existing volumes has been conjugated with the specific needs of the new functional program, resulting in a realization of high technological content that is rooted in the following
- access to a new “center of gravity”, from which easily all functional areas could be served, architecturally defined by a “cut” in the volume of the building at the junction point between the two wings;
- a new facade with a movable perforated outer skin, to optimize energy savings and shield the view from the outside to the inside;
- an extended presence of green roofs on roofs and terraces, made accessible also to improve the welfare of those who work;
- maximum flexibility of the interior space, changed over time depending on the needs.

One aspect of increased complexity of the project was linked to the structural solutions, with regard to the smallness of the site area and the execution of new underground in adherence to existing buildings.

From the point of view of plant equipment, in addition to energy efficiency issues, a relevant aspect is represented by the need to perform high precision machining, which has required special care so that the vibration control of the filtering system of the plants of ‘air.

> Location


> Client 

 Rolex Italia


> Period 

   2012 - 2015

> Architectural design

   Studio Albini Associati

Project Summary


3.700 sqm

Value of works



- Concept, detailed, construction design,

- Construction supervision,

- Tests assistance,

- Surveys,

- Safety and security during construction phase,

- Building permits.

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