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Apartments, offices and restaurant in Saint Petersburg

The project concerns a multifunctional complex, created through the restructuring and the partial reconstruction of existing buildings in the city center, in an area close to the historic Nevsky Prospekt and Ermitage Museum.

The site is a typical lot within a block, about sixty meters deep (for a total of 5.000 sqm) and overlooking the road. The name “Quattro corti” is linked to the four courtyards created inside the volume, each one characterized by a color, inspired by the St. Petersburg’s historic architecture: gold, green, blue and red. The reflecting glass facades, thanks their inclinations and rotations, create a kaleidoscopic effect that lights up with the change of daytime illumination.

On the top, the various volumes are connected by the roof that, with its asymmetrical slopes, brings back unity to the whole.

The complex houses apartments (2.500 square meters), four floors for new offices, a restaurant with 255 seats (1.050 sqm) and a partially automated parking for more than 120 cars. the total built surface is over 20.000 sq.m.

> Location

   St. Petersburg, Russia

> Client 

 Piuarch -Architetti Associati


> Period 

   2007 - 2010

> Architectural design


Project Summary


44.000 sqm

Value of works

43 MLN


- Preliminary and detailed design for strucutres 

- Preliminary and detailed design for MEP.

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