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New office complex at Bicocca

The project concerns the construction of new buildings on a brown-field, within the area called “Ansaldo”, in the historical industrial district of Bicocca.

The new complex, to house the offices of the new Headquarter Prysmian, will consist of three buildings, intended for offices, services and associated activities, joined by two “Serre”: glass-ceiling spaces for connections and internal mobility and characterized by the presence of hydroponic gardens and pools of water, which contribute to the overall control of the microclimate.

Through the creation of the “Serre” the offices will get benefits of natural daylight, as well as best overall energy performance. These green “oasis”, totally accessible, will significantly contribute also to the improvement of working
comfort conditions.


The coverage of the “Serre” will be formed by a slopedbuffered structure with aluminum frames and windows; the flaps facing North will favor the natural lighting, without heat, and will be equipped with doors and tailgate mechanically regulated in order to favor, in the summer season, the natural cooling. The flaps facing south will be characterized by the presence of adjustable louvers, in extruded aluminum, mechanically controlled by a light detector, so as to reduce and contain the direct solar radiation.

The plans also consider to build an additional block, on the North-East face, intended to house the communication and training divisions; this block will occupy the first three levels of pre-existing spinning tower, with meeting rooms
and support spaces.

From the point of view of the construction methods, the design module allows
you to think of a quick and clean construction site, based on prefabrication and
assembly of pre-finished elements, as a kind of great “Meccano”.

> Location


> Client 



> Period 

   2014 - 2017

> Architectural design

   Maurizio Varratta Architetto

Project Summary


22.000 sqm

Value of works

30 MLN



Move in at the new Prysmian HQ

Milan, Italy


GBC Award for

Prysmian HQ

Milan, Italy


- Construction supervision and accounting,

- MEP and structure management,

- Safety and security construction phase.

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