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Project & Construction Management

We believe that a good project is such when it is able to identify and reach clear objectives, which respond in the most complete way to the needs and expectations from which that project is born.

Such a result largely depends on the ability to accommodate the right interaction between the different specialist components and to plan and manage all the set-up, development and control activities. Above all, it depends on the ability to establish a collaborative dialogue with the Customer, which guarantees the constant and systematic verification of the quality of the answers offered.

In performing the Project Management services, TEKNE employs the best skills regarding the technical, regulatory and procedural aspects, responsibly taking care of the coordination of all phases and processes, in close collaboration with the client and in compliance with the data targets.

The adoption of UNI ISO 9001 Company Quality protocols is a further guarantee of effectiveness, particularly in the acquisition and sharing of information.


  • General programming and piloting,

  • Design coordination,

  • Assistance in the definition of tender contracts,

  • Assistance in the organization and execution of tender contracts,

  • Budget management 

  • Bill of quantities and cost control,

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