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Piranesi 44 

Residential complex

The project is located in the south-east of Milan, at the edge of a residential neighbourhood with many services and commercial functions, bounded on the north by Città Studi. The northern boundary of the lot – which covers approximately 9,000 square meters – is along via Piranesi, while the east and west boundaries are within the built fabric; the southern border lines the railway.

The project consists in the construction of three residential buildings, 10 storeys high, and a underground parking with about 150 car garages, cellars and technical rooms. The central building (Building A), which provides 29 apartments, is oriented to north, parallel to Via Piranesi; the other two buildings (B and C, both divided into 45 apartments) are respectively arranged on the east and west, at right angles to the first.

In the settlement, great attention has been paid to the orientation, in order to facilitate as much as possible to the correct solar exposure of the units, allowing a high energy saving. In fact, the buildings are designed to achieve
the A energy class.

The ground floor will provide a green area of outstanding quality, with some common rooms. All the buildings are set back from the edges of the lot, in order to create a green area, buffering from the railway, on the one hand, and in order to introduce a discontinuity along Via Piranesi. This street is in fact characterized by a strong inhomogeneity in height: by this way, the new complex can mediate between the more compact urban fabric and the open spaces at the edge of the city.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

  Gruppo Generali


> Period 

   2011 - 2013

> Architectural design

   Beretta Associati

Project Summary


11.000 sqm

Value of works

23 MLN


- Construction project control and validation, 

- Value Engineering,  

- Construction supervision,

- Test for civil works and systems. 

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