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Multifunctional area for Milan

Tekne services are differentiated for the different project components as follows:

  • Office towers and Podium (Arch. Pelli) in team with Adamson Associates Tekne takes care of Technical assistance to the preliminary and detailed design and submission of the construction permit,

  • Office building and Showroom (+Arch)and exposition building (Arch. N. Grimshaw)

Tekne developed Technical assistance to the preliminary and detailed design, Quality Survey, Permission, Executive Project, Supervision and Submission, Construction supervision assistance

The project is a part of PII “Progetto Garibaldi-Repubblica” supported by Milan Municipality.

The area which faces onto Garibaldi railway station is being transformed into a modern business and exposition center. It is based upon the master plan and architectural design by Cesar Pelli and Associates. The complex is made up of three office towers which vary in height from 50 to 140 meters with a total 90.000 m2 of gross floor area. An additional 40.000 m2 is dedicated to underground parking.    

Project data:

  • total SLP: 110.485 mq

  • Residential: 15.000 mq

  • Offices: 50.000 mq

  • Commercial: 10.000 mq

  • Hotels: 20.000 mq

  • Showroom: 20.000 mq

  • Parkings: 40.000 mq

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

   Porta Nuova Development


> Period 

   2007 - 2012

> Architectural design

   Arch.C. Pelli, +Arch,

Arch. N. Grimshaw,

Adamson Associates

Project Summary


210.000 sqm

Value of works

380 MLN

- Project coordination,

- Architect of Records,

- Construction architect


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