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Our History

In 1875 Giulio Rusconi-Clerici graduated in Industrial Engineering at the Regio Politecnico di Milano, he was one of the first engineers graduating in the city of Milan right after the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the European countries. Engineering soon became the family tradition and it never stopped up to these days when Laura Rusconi-Clerici recently became the CEO of TEKNE, engaging the 5th generation with this challenge. 


TEKNE's experience is the result of a professional activity that has never been interrupted for over a century, through continuous evolutions from a small professional practice to a Company. The continuity of this history represents the most concrete sign of the reliability and competence with which we carry out our work.

We have always believed that through innovation we can face and solve all the great challenges of history; it is for this reason that, in over 100 years of activity, innovation through design has been the center of our mission. 

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