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Refurbishment and expansion of the health center

The first lot under contract, in 1998, was concerning the completion and refurbishment of some hospital wards, together with the construction of a new external staircase. The second lot comprised the renovation of the existing intensive care ward and Ematology ward, including also the complete upgrade of the technical systems. The overall built surfaces subject to intervention amounted to about 16.000 square meters.

At the end of the construction works, the new functioning hospital wards were:

• Nuclear Medicine
• Emergency Operating Block and Diagnostics
• Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Immunohematology
• Neurosurgery
• Nephrology and Dialysis
• First Aid
• Withdrawals Area
• ICU and Postoperative

The new installed technical systems included the construction from scratch of the electrical, heating and air conditioning, water and fire protection systems, together with the facility for medical gases and a new system for emergency stretchers.

The 1998’s project was later adapted in respect to architectural details, with the execution of a new and more efficient thermal insulation coating; the solutions for thechnical systems were also updated, depending on the needs of the hospital and according to the new available technologies and compulsory standards.

> Location

   Monza, Italy

> Client 

 Azienda “Ospedale S. Gerardo di Monza”


> Period 

   1998 - 2009

> Architectural design


Project Summary


16.000 sqm

Value of works

21.6 MLN


- Construction supervision,

- Technical design for additional variant

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