In a public meeting at the Catella Foundation, COIMA SGR presented the Corso Como Place redevelopment project, which in the coming months will see the rebirth of the office tower, which will become the first WELL-certified office building in Italy, and will redevelop the entire block between Bonnet and via Tocqueville, in the Porta Nuova area.


Architect Lee Polisano, of the London-based studio PLP Architecture, also took part in the event, conceiving the brilliant architecture of the project as Design Architect.


TEKNE, who served as Executive Architect and was responsible for BIM Management, coordinating the interdisciplinary project team at all stages, is particularly proud of its participation, because this building is part of the history of our company.

TEKNE signed, in fact, the original project of the Tower, already home of Unilever, built in the 1950s.