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MIPIM 2019 The "Pentola d'Oro" award goes to Domenico Bosatelli, founder of Gewiss and president of Grupedil, for promoting the important redevelopment project Chorus Life, in Bergamo, and for the values it represents.

CHORUS LIFE not only re-launches the construction sector, creating new jobs, but constitutes a continuous innovation process that represents the only way to seize development opportunities for each project, in particular for the integrated construction with the tertiary sector and industrial, domotics, landscape and architecture. For CHORUS LIFE a Smart Grid system was in fact designed, which will distribute energy according to real needs, avoiding waste and reducing the environmental impact of the home (smart home) and the city itself (smart city). The global plant design (GSM) model to be built in Bergamo will in fact be based on the most advanced technological infrastructures and will coordinate mobile communication, favoring the exchange between physical and virtual for the benefit of the individual and the community.


TEKNE is very proud to work on this project, designing green areas, new infrastructures and facilities, which aim to achieve new standards of urban quality and well-being, according to a smart city vision that integrates urban design and lifestyle.

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