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Since the set-up phases of our projects, we are committed to organizing and organizing the management of works in order to safeguard the greeting, environmental quality and safety, in the construction of buildings and infrastructures, as in the management of the most complex urban interventions.

This is why, in TEKNE's activities, the safety coordinator is considered to be a crucial figure, which must be closely integrated with the project or works management team, being responsible for defining the best organization of activities and the most effective ones measures, in order to remove and control every possible risk and to ensure this full functionality over time.

Safety is a priority for us at all levels and in all phases of development of our services and we are committed to promoting a culture of safety even in the workplace, stimulating individual responsibility and encouraging safe users.


  • First indications for drafting the Safety Plans,

  • Safety Coordination in the design phase,

  • Construction planning activities,

  • Construction site design plan,

  • Safety and security during construction phase,

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