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Energy Modeler

Tekne, a leading player in the Engineering sector in Italy, offers services in the field of Engineering, Works Supervision and Safety Coordination in the public and private construction sector. Honesty, transparency, innovation, social and environmental responsibility are the values in which Tekne identifies.

Tekne is looking for an "Energy Modeler". The profile will deal with the following activities: energy modeling in both static and dynamic fields, modeling related to LEED or L10 certifications (Lombardy Region legislation).

Technical Requirements:
•    3-8 years of experience.
•    Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering/Architecture/Building Management/Building and Construction Engineering/Urban Planning/Electrical Engineering/Energy Engineering/Mechanical Engineering.
•    Registration in the Register and VAT holder.
•    Experience in the use of AutoCAD, Thermolog, CENED, IES VE.
•    Experience in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability with multidisciplinary integration in the design phase.
•    Knowledge of technical physics related to the building envelope
•    Knowledge of both the L.10 regulation and the legislation related to sustainability certifications such as LEED and WELL.

 Other requirements:
•    Analysis and Problem Solving skills.
•    Aptitude for Teamwork.

What We Offer:

Freelancing with VAT.

Tekne recognizes the fundamental importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the adoption of corporate, organizational and management mechanisms based on respect for people's rights and freedoms.

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