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Retail Park

The Retail Park is part of a larger development plan which includes a new residential and tertiary complex. The area is located in Assago, close to the Milan-Genoa motorway.

The shopping center consists of six single-storey or double-decker buildings, each one completely independent, which total 36.000 square meters of gross floor area; the underground platform is used for parking. The planimetric disposition
of the buildings is particular, to form a “V” with the apex pointing to the South.

The facades that face the large car park are made of prefabricated panels, characterized by numbers in bas-relief and completed above by coating slabs of co-extruded polycarbonate, with different shades of color and backlit. The facades towards the inner courtyard are designed with precast concrete panels.

Each building is independent with regard to the technological systems, with its own generating plants of cold fluids and their substations. Hot fluids are produced by a cogeneration plant that serves the entire neighborhood.


The same happens with the fire alarm control. The structure, entirely made of precast concrete plinths, follows seismic criteria.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

  Milanofiori 2000


> Period 

   2006 - 2009

> Architectural design

  5+1 AA

Project Summary


63.000 sqm

Value of works

35 MLN

- Integrated detailed, construction design,

- Construction supervision,

- Safety and security


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