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Construction of a new headquarters tower of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

- Costs estimation
- Value Engineering



RPBW for Intesa Sanpaolo SpA

Tipologia di intervento


Destinazione d'uso


Valore dei Lavori

200 Million €




2007-2011 (Value Engineering)
2011-2015 (Building)

Concept Design

RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop


107k  m² – Gross floor area

37 in height
6 underground

Certificazioni e Obiettivi sostenibilità

LEED Silver


Photo: ©Enrico Cano / Courtesy by RPBW

In collaborazione con

The tower Intesa Sanpaolo is a sustainable skyscraper that rises to 150 meters in the skyline of Turin, characterized by a formal and technological research aimed at obtaining a high degree of transparency and lightness. Concrete, steel and glass are the materials chosen to avoid the imposition of a “massive construction”. These choices are closely related to the objective of achieving an excellent efficiency in terms of environmental sustainability.
The tower is built on an area of 7 thousand square meters, close to the new Porta Susa station. Inside you will find space to house the management and the corporate center of the Sanpaolo Group, with offices for about 2,000 employees and operating spaces for customer services. The part of the building that grows above ground (for a total of 37 floors) is similar to a rectangular building whose footprint reaches the maximum dimensions 36 x 60 meters. It is characterized by the presence of two “volumes”, having the same proportions, which are detached from the central part, which houses the operating functions of the offices: in the basement, a conference hall and concerts; on top of the tower (levels 35,36 and 37), the “greenhouse bioclimatic”, naturally ventilated.
The “greenhouse” consists of areas extensively glazed, no air conditioning and heating, with facades and windows that covers able to create a comfortable natural environment; It is open to the public. The underground part (6 floors) instead occupies the entire lot, with a footprint of approximately 43x159 m.

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