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La progettazione  rappresenta un pilastro cruciale dell'operato di TEKNE, con un particolare focus sulle discipline principali di architettura tecnica e ingegneria strutturale e impiantistica. L'ingegneria integrata è il cuore del nostro lavoro.

Riunione di lavoro
Regolazione di un modello


TEKNE provides advice and consultancy from the early stages of design and verification of a project, with professional technical and administrative Due Diligence activities. We cover all aspects of urban planning and feasibility studies (Urban Feasibility), providing market analysis and real estate development studies, preliminary assessments for new buildings or urban regeneration projects, including CAPEX assessments, energy efficiency costs and benefits, and value engineering.









Design in the construction engineering field is a crucial pillar of TEKNE's work, with a particular focus on the main disciplines of technical architecture and structural and MEP engineering. Our expertise embraces preliminary, final, and executive design in the civil sector, where we create integrated solutions ranging from architecture, interiors, structures, plants, urban planning and safety. We manage the entire project cycle, starting from the preliminary study with a technical-economic feasibility project up to the obtaining of building permits. We ensue the correct implementation through the supervision of works and the coordination of the construction and safety process.
TEKNE stands out for ensuring high standards in terms of site safety design and fire prevention, providing assistance to the Client from the initial stages of the drafting of tenders.



Innovation and avant-garde have always been the cornerstones of design at TEKNE, the first Italian user to implement CAD in 1982. With the same approach, we have implemented BIM (Building Information Modelling) design processes, which allow for better data management, interoperability between disciplines and project coordination.

The use of BIM in design allows the work to become parametrically valorisable and updatable within all the design phases that it will have to go through, up to its construction or even future maintenance.

We carry out interdisciplinary projects (civil, structures, MEP) coordinated thanks to BIM in the preliminary, definitive, executive and as built phases, also guaranteeing the digital management of the construction site during the construction phase. With the 7D we ensure the verification and compliance with energy and LEED certifications, as well as post-construction maintenance models, prepared for future Facility Management.

Image by Evgeniy Surzhan
Guardando i grattacieli


TEKNE is committed to supporting construction companies and project contractors in all phases of the design and management and organization of the construction site, providing both construction, structural and plant design services. We support the company in the procedures and results for obtaining environmental sustainability certifications of the main international standards.



TEKNE's Green Building division is dedicated to specialized design and consultancy in certification and sustainability processes, focusing with particular attention on the international LEED and BREEAM standards.
As part of Green Building Design, we direct our attention towards achieving sustainability objectives which include optimizing energy performance, improving internal comfort and reducing the environmental impact of both buildings and implementation processes. This integrated approach also aims to reduce investment and management costs.
We operate in the commissioning phases, technical-economic analysis of costs and benefits (pre-assessment), and the design of the entire energy efficiency cycle. In this context, we guarantee compliance with the standards required for energy certifications, scrupulously following all the verification and obtaining phases.











The implementation of a good project is intricately linked to the identification and successful achievement of clear aims. This result is the result of targeted development and control activities, with particular attention to the ability to set up a continuous collaborative dialogue with the customer.
TEKNE leverages the most advanced ability in technical, regulatory and procedural fields, and is committed to ensuring highly effective project management. We scrupulously take care of all phases of general management and coordination, coordination of design and assistance in the definition, organization and execution of procurement contracts. Our team of professionals ensures quality protocols in Project Management and Budget management, including bills of quantities and cost control. Reliability towards the customer is guaranteed through strict company quality protocols in compliance with UNI ISO 9001 standards.


TEKNE's lifelong experience in integrated services is now showed by the peculiar attention and professional ability in directing and supervising the construction of buildings and infrastructures of considerable complexity and great architectural and urban quality. The integrated approach gives us an advantage in identifying the best opportunities to add value and improve the quality of works.

We provide professional and competent services in the planning and management of the construction site, with safety coordination both in the design and execution phases. Our professionals are highly qualified for general and special construction management, supplying on-site assistance, budget management, accounting and work progress. We also diligently provide assistance in obtaining the authorizations required by building regulations and permits. A team of engineers and architects is available for structural testing and for the supervision of contracts, for as-built materials.

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We guarantee the planning and coordination of safety  according to the highest standards and the most stringent regulations, supporting the Client from the first indications for the coordination of safety, both in the design  phase and in execution, providing a network of professionals with high skills also in the related activities of the construction site and site management.

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