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Building for laboratories and exhibition spaces

The building in Via De Castillia, in the heart of the Isola District and on the edge of the Parco dei Alberi Park, is a space-container for cultural events, which also houses offices and workshops for associations and artisans already operating in the neighborhood.

The new building aspires to be a connecting element between the city and the new park, paying great attention to those spaces that mostly perform the function of mediation between inside and outside: in particular, the entrance vestibule and the steps on the south front , covered by a cantilevered roof, which projects the large hall on the first floor towards the park.

The simplicity of the forms and the uniformity of the coating further emphasize the role of these access / connection points, marked by large windows. The adoption of a lean language and materials such as expanded metal and steel are at the same time a reference to the previous industrial destination of the area.

Regarding the plant aspects, the chosen air conditioning system involves the use of heat pumps, integrated with solar and photovoltaic panels, with the aim of creating an energy self-sufficient building.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client

 Fondo Porta

Nuova Isola


> Period

   2007 - 2011

> Architectural design

Stefano Boeri Architetti

Project Summary


700 sqm

Value of works

1.9 MLN

- Concept, detailed, construction desing for structures and MEP,

- Special and general construction management,

- Safety and security during construction phase


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