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Garage for automotive restyling and Restaurant

The former garage and gasoline station at piazza Accursio, with its intrepid modernist design, is currently under renovation, to host a new concept of showroom and garage for customization; the building will be also used for leisure and catering, with a bar and a terrace restaurant run by celebrity chef Carlo Cracco.

The Michele De Lucchi’s architectural design retains the original structures and finishes of the building, which is under the tutelage of the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage; at the same time, some punctual interventions allow you to use the basement for auxiliary functions, as well to create a new furnished sun terrace on the first floor, for the restaurant.

TEKNE’s contribution is aimed at developing the technical aspects and details, supporting Paolo Castelli in the economic evaluation of the project and in the preparation of the documents for the procurement.

A particular task is related to geometrical, quantity and building materials survey, in order to evaluate methods and extensions for cleaning, consolidation and restoration of the original elements and materials.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

  P. Castelli fot GIC srl


> Period 

   2015 - 2016

> Architectural design

   Michele De Lucchi Architetti 

Project Summary


1.800 sqm

Value of works

150 K


- Civil works construction design phase.

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