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Multifunctional complex

The former “Neca” site in Pavia is an area 80.000 square meters big, in a semi-central position within the city and very close to the railway station; it was occupied by an industrial plant which is dismantled nowadays. The property is owned by ISAN, a company under control of FBML (Fund of Monte di Lombardia Bank).

The project aims to allow the reconversion, development and valorization of the site, consistent with the urban context in which it is located and according to assumptions made in accordance with the Public Administration. The goal of the intervention is contributing to the social and economic development of the territory.

The guidelines are defined as follows:

- to enhance the area, that is today cause of fracture and decay;
- to realize an intervention with high quality and very representative for the city;
- to achieve, through dialogue with the city and its institutions, an intervention that is functional to the needs of the community, in order to understand and meet the expectations related to the transformation;
- to use as much as possible the most qualified local resources.

The project elaborated by Tekne (in association with Fiera Milano, entrusted by ISAN) is directed to the approval of a Plan for an integrated intervention (PII) and provides for a mix of functions, divided as follows:

- Green areas for public use: 20.000 sqm

- Parking: 22.000 sqm

- Residential: 27.000 sqm

- Hotel and congress center: 10.500 sqm

- Office and exhibition: 8.000 sqm

- Retail: 1.000 sqm

A second version of the Masterplan has been elaborated with the support (architectural advice) of the architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

> Location

   Pavia, Italy

> Client 

   ISAN srl


> Period 

   2006 - 2010

> Architectural design

  Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas

Project Summary


80.000 sqm

Value of works

87 MLN

- Masterplan,

- Urban planning,

- Urbanization project.


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