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Renovation residential complex

The project concerns the redevelopment of an existing building within an old courtyard, which is accessed from Corso Como. The area is characterized by the presence of period buildings that have been largely redeveloped in recent years, in conjunction with the growing commercial success of the area, due to the pedestrianization and redevelopment of Corso Como and the presence of trendy premises and showrooms.

The building in question is a typical Milanese railing house (whose first construction dates back to 1902) and is divided into two buildings, on the inner sides to the south and west of the courtyard, respectively of two floors above ground plus attic and a floor above ground plus attic. For both bodies the supporting structure is made up of solid brick walls with wooden floors. The intervention is aimed at upgrading and expanding the buildings, providing for the overall construction of three commercial units and seven residential units; in particular, the project provides for the recovery of the existing attics for residential purposes.

The following operational phases have been planned:

• phase 1: extraordinary maintenance and recovery of the existing attic of the building to the south, with some work on common parts in the inner courtyard; this building is mostly degraded, due to partial subsidence of the floors caused by water infiltration from the roof;

• phase 2: extraordinary maintenance and recovery of the existing attic of the building in the west, with completion of work on the common parts in the inner courtyard

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client Como 11 Srl


> Period 

   2012 - 2013


Project Summary


1.200 sqm

Value of works

1.8 MLN


- Integrated and coordinated design,

- Building permits;

- Safety and security;

- Construction supervision

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