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Multifunctional area

Chorus Life is a model of a city where the three generations can live, socialize and grow together by sharing the same space. It is a chorus understood as a set of services but above all as a social whole, in which every barrier is canceled to favor integration.

The project pursues overall objectives of environmental, urban, territorial and infrastructural redevelopment, through an intervention that foresees, as part of the redevelopment of a disused and degraded industrial area, the implementation of an urban restructuring intervention where in place to the existing urban-building fabric, a new multipurpose structure of public interest is realized on a territorial scale and the appropriate infrastructural works connected, aimed at solving the criticalities of the accessibility system of the north-east quadrant of the city, enhancing at the same time the usability of the public rail transport system. The intervention involves the construction of an entire sector with a broad functional mix. The functional format is based on transfunctionality, which constitutes a step further than multi-functionality.

The Chorus Life arena is a multi-purpose building designed for high-level sporting events (5000 seats, including 8 skyboxes and 150 VIP seats) which allows it to be used 365 days a year. The main objective is in fact to equip the city not only with a space suitable for sporting events but also a place capable of adapting to the different needs of contemporary entertainment. In this perspective, the building was designed so that it could literally “transform” in a very short time from a sports arena to a restaurant, from a convention hall to a space for concerts, exhibitions or fairs.

> Location

   Bergamo, Italy

> Client 

   Percassi Group


> Period 

   2018 - Ongoing


Project Summary


50.000 sqm


palazzetto 3.jpg

Value of works

128 MLN

- Detailed and construction design,

- Road infrastructure


MIDIM Award for

Chorus Life

Bergamo, Italy

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