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Office complex

The project is carachterized by the construction of a new office building, on an area already occupied by a ccar dealer (with workshop); the intervention lot is located between via Giovanni da Udine and via Ludovico di Breme , with a main
access in corner on Viale Certosa.

The new intervention consists of two buildings placed at the edge of the lot, along the two streets, and of a third internal connecting volume, located along the northern edge of the lot; the arrangement of the volumes, which develop in adherence to those existing on neighboring lots, allows the creation of an
internal garden.

The garden is thought of as an open courtyard, which can be perceived from the street through the glass porticoes on the ground floor and the openings of the atriums.

The designed buildings have high quality standards, in particular from an energy point of view; on the roofs the installation of a photovoltaic panel system is planned.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

 STAM Europe


> Period 

   2012 - 2014

> Architectural design

 Goring & Staja

Project Summary


10.750 sqm

Value of works

21 MLN


- Construction supervision and accounting,

- Operational management for MEP and structures

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