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PII Porta Nuova - Isola

The Casa della Memoria was commissioned by the Municipality of Milan to host the offices of five Associations, united in their commitment to conserving and transmitting the historical memory of the struggles of Italian civil society - and in Milan, in particular - for the conquest and defense of freedom and democracy.

This very important cultural role is central to the choices made by the architects of the Baukuh studio, who imagined the Casa della Memoria as an instrument of reflection and open discussion around the different figures that coexist in the memory of the city. This attitude is reflected in the facade of the building which, like a large polyptych, tries to account for the complexity of this memory, without renouncing to represent an ideal unity.

Inside, the spaces are divided into an alternation of "public" parts and more private parts. The archive, the ascents and the service spaces are placed in two thin bands along the north and south fronts, organized on five levels, while the large central part is further subdivided into a full-height vestibule, containing the main staircase, and in the part, structured on three levels, which houses the exhibition / information space (on the ground floor), the offices of the Associations and the consultation area.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

 Fondo Porta

Nuova Isola


> Period 

   2013 - 2015

> Architectural design

Studio Baukuh

Project Summary


1.185 sqm

Value of works

3.6 MLN


- Safety and security during construction phase

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