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Residential and multifunctional complex

The volumes that will be built correspond to the Plan data, ie 69.830 mc.
This is the transformation of an abandoned industrial area into a residential center with hotels, offices and neighborhood shops. The intervention area is located on the site of the former Cantoni cotton mill, in the center of Gallarate.

The architectural-urbanistic approach to the intervention is based on the desire to create a completion of the urban layout of the city center.

In terms of buildings along Via Cantoni, there are porches with spaces for typical shops for neighborhood use. The body of the building that faces towards the East follows the layout of those planned on via Cantoni, with the use of pilotis.

In the body of the “roundish” building the office spaces are located, which will be characterized by high flexibility and modularity in order to be able to respond to the market demands that are envisaged for these spaces. At the center of the compartment stands the Panorama Tower which with its 20 floors and high slenderness represents a residential land-mark of great qualitative significance.

On Largo Boito, an International Business Class Hotel will be built with a capacity of 200 guests in 91 rooms, also suitable for formal events. Within the complex there are private underground parking lots on three levels with a total area of ​​over 10,000 square meters.

Finally, the new road network adjacent to the intervention area will be created.

> Location

 Gallarate, Italy

> Client 

   Cantoni srl


> Period 

   2005 - 2011


Project Summary


44.000 sqm

Value of works

59 MLN


- Masterplan,

- Concept, detailed and construction integrated design

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