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Refurbishment of Ex industrial building

Located in the north of Milan, the project recovers part of an office complex dating back to the 1960s. The intervention providing for the total rethinking of the internal distribution, thanks to minimal demolition, returns a flexible building and facade.

The existing envelope is integrated with the creation of a fourth floor, set back from the facade, which becomes a new office space with a green terrace around the entire perimeter. On the top floor there is a hanging garden while on the first floor there is a green terrace; the offices can be occupied both in mono and pluritenants.

The façade is characterized by an extra regularity in the design, which gives a more slender image of the entire building. The scan is composed of vertical opaque surfaces, the fornti are covered with opaque leather. To make the whole design more dynamic, custom-made prismatic elements in extruded aluminum were used.

The metal used, in addition to preserving the industrial character of the neighborhood, is able to resist over time, minimizing maintenance interventions. The carbon fiber used for the structures and the laminam, composed of two very thin but extremely resistant ceramic layers, to cover the façade on the ground floor, are other elements of innovation in the materials that contribute to the lightness and versatility of the building.

To increase the lightness of the façade, on the ground floor, carbon fiber was used for both structures and laminam, in order to create a base that enhances the geometries of the new envelope.

The project is registered in the LEED building sustainability certification protocol, Core and Shell class.

> Location
   Milan, Italy

> Client 
 Domo Media
> Period 
   2021 - on going

> Architectural design
PARK Associati

Project Summary


8.500 sqm

Value of works



- Concept, detailed , executive MEP design
- Detailed civil works design

- Acoustic
- Work Supervision general and MEP
- Health and safety coordination

- LEED Certification

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