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Refurbishment of historical building

The redevelopment of the former Agricultural Consortium, located in Via Ripamonti, in  student residence aims to restore a historic building to the city and create an adequate space for short and long stays.

The project creates a shared environment, promoting both common spaces (networking, coworking, ...) and private spaces for each student. The intervention involves the maintenance of the historic part and the new construction of the building inside the court. The external facades maintain the industrial language of the area with the use of dark plaster, while the new fifth floor in gray aluminum sheet helps to streamline the volumes.

The new building built within the campus is characterized by a regular facade that alternates glass elements and anodized aluminum panels. The architectural language used accentuates the stylistic difference with the existing building.

On the ground floor there are spaces for study, meetings, conference rooms, exhibition spaces and a cafeteria. The courtyard is designed to host events and to become the heart of the campus. The accommodations are designed as flexible and diversified: there are single rooms and studios with kitchens to accommodate two people. The cluster is also introduced: an apartment for 8 to 12 people, with the sharing of common spaces but having single or double rooms available.

> Location
   Milan, Italy

> Client 
> Period 
   2021 - on going

> Architectural design
PARK Associati

Project Summary


20.000 sqm

Value of works

37 MLN


- Construction drawings in BIM
- LEED Certification

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