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Redevelopment historical building

The project concerns the renovation of a nineteenth-century building along an important street in the historic center of Milan.

The building, already occupied by offices on the ground floor, is reorganized into the internal layouts, in an operation that focuses on the redevelopment of the court and on the creation of a new precious façade for these interior views.

At the same time, the project restructures and recovers the attics, adding some new volumes on the roof, very transparent and light, as a new use of the terrace system.

The centrality of the location, the smallness of the spaces of agreement and the intensity of urban uses in this area makes the works management particularly delicate.

At the same time, the DL requires particular attention to the execution of the detail, of a refined project with many elements to be executed on the drawing, and for the application during the execution phase.

The project aims to achieve voluntary certification of environmental sustainability, according to the LEED protocol.

> Location


> Client 

 Rolex spa


> Period 

   2017 - Ongoing

> Architectural design


Project Summary


3.600 sqm



Value of works



- Tender assistance; 

- Overall construction supervision 

A refurbishment in the historic center

Milan, Italy

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