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Tower in Porta Nuova

The UniCredit Tower occupies the complex designed by the architect Cesar Pelli in the new district of Porta Nuova Garibaldi, the tallest tower in Italy with its 230 meters.
After working with the team of designers (client: Hines Italy) for the construction of the base building, TEKNE SpA continues the engineering activities for the internal works of UniCredit headquarters, assuming the role of General Manager for the Construction site supervision and Security Coordinator. This last role is particularly delicate and crucial for the coordination of the on-going works with the establishment of the bank staff.

The new headquarters will host 4,000 employees within the year, entering the wider project “City Plan”, which consists in the reorganization of all the main European offices of the Group and the adoption of new standards for the organization of the workspace, in line with the models of the most innovative workplace.

The structure is well conceived, designed and developed to respond to a new way of working, which focuses on the sharing of experiences and information and facilitates collaboration and networking, eliminating inefficiencies.
Great importance is accorded to common use areas (meeting rooms, informal meeting areas, auditorium), in addition to the workplace totally open and transparent, with the almost total elimination of single rooms.

That for the UniCredit Tower is a project of excellence in terms of urban regeneration and sustainability: the complex has in fact received the LEED Gold certification, while the attention to adjacent urban context is exemplified by the project for the new multi-purpose center. The UniCredit Tower will be completed in fact (within 2015) with the creation of a pavilion, open to the park, which will be dedicated to events, activities and, in general, to the city of Milan; the center will also house a company nursery.

> Location

  Milan, Italy

> Client 

Unicredit business integrated solutions


> Period 

   2013 - 2014

> Architectural design

 Pelli Clarck Pelli Architets

Project Summary


72.200 sqm

Value of works



- Construction site supervision;

- Design of the variants during construction
for fitout and technical installations;

- Security coordination.

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