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New headquarter and logistic hub in Rimini

The project for the new Logistic Hub for the textile label Teddy is part of a development plan, promoted by private initiative, which involves the creation of a new logistic platform in the municipality of Gatteo (Rimini).

The intervention also envisages the realization of some important urbanization works, especially designed to make the roadway network capable of supporting new traffic volumes in the area, mitigating the impacts on the town. From this point of view, special emphasis is placed on green buffers, created to shield noise and retain dust.

The warehouse, for which the design of the mechanization is under study, will have a total surface of about 27.500 sqm, and in the future it will be possible to expand further, thanks to a large lot adjacent to the one currently subject to intervention. The structures will be completely prefabricated and will be on a high podium.

Along the southern front, an office building, with additional 2.000 square meters, will feature the various management divisions, as well as meeting facilities, conference rooms and a canteen.

> Location

   Gatteo, Italy

> Client 

   T & M


> Period 

   2017 - Ongoing

> Warehouse Logistic

   SIMCO Consulting

Project Summary


29.500 sqm

Value of works

18 MLN


- Construction design assistance,

- Building permits,

- Integrated engineering,

- Safety and security

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