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New warehouse in Prarolo

The building has an 4,500 square meters internal surface. It is combined building with a storage area, with shelving and roller shutter (2,800 sqm) a coourier area (550 sqm), a loading and unloading area (400 sqm) and one reserved  for contractors. Offices, services, changing rooms and technology centers complite the interior equipment.

The outside reception and dispatch area, where are loading/unloading spaces, fitted with electro-hydraulic platforms, seems a “gallery”. It is characterized by a semi-arch structure, in metal carpentry, partially covered for the  loading/unloading area. All horizontal hedging structures are in metal carpentry; foundation and elevation structures are, instead, in cast reinforced concrete.


The plant includes an heating system and aerothermal equipment for storage areas and  multi-split air-conditioning system (heat-cold) in the office premises.

The integrated management system that regards mechanical, electrical and security /access control, is particolary interesting.

Just as interesting is te implementation of an integrated and centralized (fully automated) management systemfor devices and good handling and storage equipment, distibuted in intensive, slow and fast-moving warehouses.

> Location

   Prarolo, Italy

> Client 

  YKK Italia spa


> Period 

   2002 - 2003

> Architectural design

   Architetti Enrico e Luca Villani

Project Summary


4.500 sqm

Value of works



- Concept, detailed, construction design for permits,

- Safety and security,

- Construction supervision,

- design coordination for public infrastructure,

- Health and safety coordination, 

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