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New scientific and technological campus

The new Agricultural School is located in lot 11B of the Piano Particolareggiato of the Scientific and Technological pole of Sesto Fiorentino. Lot 11B, according to the indications of the Plan, provides for the construction of 9 blocks with a rectangular mesh connected to each other by an equally regular road network.

The new school project involves only 5 of the 9 blocks of the lot, leaving the rest for future construction, part of the lots envisaged by the sector cannot be built as they are affected by the airport constraint generated by the current runway of the Florence Airport. In compliance with the constraints falling on the area, the intervention essentially involves the construction of ten volumes, each with its own functional vocation, connected and related to each other by a system of air routes.

The articulation of the blocks arranged in compliance with the alignments required by the Scientific Pole Plan and the necessary distance between buildings, generates a system of courtyards and green spaces on the ground floor. The large system of connections defined above, in order to guarantee the continuity of the external spaces, never touches the ground floor, always moving from the level of the first floor.

In a barycentric position with respect to the entire complex, the aerial path, starting from the main entrance area, breaks up into two paths that converge at the point of contact with the body dedicated to research positioned at the northern edge of the intervention area. In the regularity of the buildings, thanks to the aerial path and all its articulations, a central space is generated which is assigned the role of vital fulcrum of the complex interior.

The goal is to facilitate the creation of that sense of community that distinguishes the university campus.

> Location
   Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

> Client 
 Ente Regione Toscana
> Period 
   2020 - on going


Project Summary


49.120 sqm

Value of works

68 MLN


-  BIM Detailed design for structures and MEP

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