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Residential complex

The Integrated Intervention Program at the origin of the project is based on an area located in the Isola district, between the streets of Castillia, Via Confalonieri and Via Volturno, and envisages the development of a multi-purpose urban complex, which includes new residences, offices, cultural facilities and some neighborhood commercial spaces along Via Confalonieri.

Also in view of this complexity of functions, and despite the new urban centrality that the neighborhood is assuming, also thanks to the recent transformations, the project aims to maintain a domestic character and a measured scale.

The Residences of the Gardens, in particular, aspire to interpret the search for balance between the contemporaneity of the Porta Nuova project and the traditional context of the historic district, while giving great importance to the relationship between the houses and the Park they overlook.


Both in the townhomes, arranged on several levels and with an independent entrance, as in the apartments and duplexes on the upper floors, the large south-facing terraces underline the exceptional nature of living immersed in greenery and, at the same time, in the city center.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

 Hines Italia SGR


> Period 

   2007 - 2012

> Architectural design

Lucien Lagrange Architects

Project Summary


27.150 sqm

Value of works

14 MLN


- General coordination,

- Detailed architectural design.

- Construction supervision assistance. 

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