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New high quality apartments complex in Milano

The project for Corso Como is composed by 2 different buildings both dedicated to mix use. The peculiarity of this development is the use of the shapes to define and create a pedestrian path that connects 2 levels: the street level of Corso Como (a well-known fashion district in Milan) and the level of the Piazza Circolare (the circular square in the middle of the new development Isola – Garibaldi) which is 6 m higher than the city.

The project locates 1 level of shopping spaces along the pedestrian path, and above that 3 or 4 floors of spaces dedicated to prime residential apartments.

The project introduces 2 buildings that are well connected with the existing neighborhood: heights and dimensions, architectural language and exterior spaces are quite respectful of the site. While maintaining the correct dialogue with the existing blocks, the new development introduces strong shapes that open dramatic views to the Isola - Garibaldi
buildings. The rising pedestrian path is flanked by the new buildings with their changing heights, providing a visual introduction to Pelli’s towers.

The new buildings and the interesting formal composition create a step between the residential area surrounding Corso Como and the new commercial development Garibaldi Repubblica, preparing the pedestrians to the contemporary and intense design of this whole new area.

This development and its internal pedestrian path has been a successful experiment: giving to the citizens a new and attractive open space.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

  Hines Italia


> Period 

   2005 - 2011

> Architectural design

  Munoz and Albin Architects

Project Summary


24.800 sqm

Value of works

30 MLN


- Integrated and coordinated design,

- Concept, detailed, construction phase

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