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Quality Policy

TEKNE establishes, through the quality policy, the objectives, principles and logics that regulate its QMS with the aim of meeting the customer's explicit and implicit expectations, and enhancing the subjects with which the company relates (employees, collaborators, partners , ...)..

TEKNE S.p.a. adopts a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
The compliance of the TEKNE Quality Management System is certified by the Bureau Veritas certification body.


The Quality Management System has the following purposes:
- guarantee the quality of the services offered;
- regulate the company's processes and procedures;
- continuously monitor and improve customer satisfaction; la direzione
- satisfy interested parties (management, customers, employees and suppliers);
- improve the corporate image and reputation on the market.

TEKNE is committed to:
• define, monitor and analyze the company's objectives annually;
• ensure the adequacy of its quality policy and its coherence with the objectives set;
• periodically check the results achieved and promote improvement actions;
• comply with national and local laws and regulations;
• involve all the staff through systematic information and training, encouraging any initiative aimed at improving quality;
• maintain constant attention to the efficiency of the service delivery processes and the management processes.

In order for the above to be possible, the Management allocates adequate resources in terms of personnel, materials and equipment as well as the necessary economic resources.

Thanks to its consolidated skills and an efficient quality management system and structured internal organization, over the years TEKNE has distinguished itself for:
reactivity: the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the most diversified requests;
reliability: ability to ensure a high degree of adaptability and effectiveness of the internal structure and of the selected collaborators.

The quality of the service offered by TEKNE is also guaranteed by close collaboration with the client and a clear and immediate presentation of the work in all its development phases.
The continuous exchange with the clients, implemented through information meetings on the progress of the work, provided a constructive relationship based on transparency and cooperation.
TEKNE is committed, towards the clients, to guarantee, within the limits of its possibilities, the respect of the temporal and economic program of the work as per the contract.
TEKNE also undertakes to inform the customer in writing if a change / variant (not dependent on TEKNE) requires a deviation from the estimated fee.
TEKNE's commitment is to operate in transparency and cooperation with the client, using the most adequate resources, the most updated knowledge, the most tested methodologies, the best trained staff and the most modern tools to give the client a service developed carefully in order to deliver the expected result.
It is important for TEKNE to know the level of appreciation of the services produced for customers and to have an overall assessment of the efficiency of the system adopted. For this reason TEKNE systematically collects feedback in different ways to measure customer satisfaction, assess the correctness of the services provided and detect any disputes and take the most suitable improvement/corrective actions.

TEKNE is committed to carrying out its activities in compliance with the principles of social responsibility and greeting and safety at work, in particular:
- established within the framework of current regulations;
- not to admit any form of discrimination;
- apply working hours and salaries accordance with national law;
- collaborate with capable and professional consultants.

The Management together with the Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring compliance il with this Policy and implementation of the quality management system and is in charge of monitoring and constantly improving the quality level.

The TEKNE Board

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