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Urban development

The former FALCK steel factory is located in Sesto San Giovanni, a satellite city situated north of Milano, which had prospered for many years from the iron industry. The Falck Industry was the heart of this industrial system.

Beginning of Nineties, the company decided to join the European Plan of industrial closure and in 1995, as a result of agreements with various institutions and trade unions, all the steel plants of Sesto are dismantled; this closure left a large void in the center of the city, creating a problematic break. 

In the same year, the Falck group entrusted the japanese architect Kenzo Tange for drafting a proposal to transform the areas of the former establishments “Unione” and “Concordia”, and the central zones (130 ha).

The hypothesis of ​​integrated development proposed in the draft included:

- a Thematic Park for Multimedia Communication  
- a Thematic Park for Production Research and Technology
- area for crafts and small industry
- Hotels
- office areas in points better served by public transport
- residential areas
- 6 green parks designed for public use, each with a different function: Culture (museum), Health (clinic, hospital, nursing home), Sports (sports grounds, swimming pool), Community (square with shops, bars, PT, surgery, etc..), Meetings and Events, Family Recreation. The total surface destined for green areas for public use is about 20.000 sqm.

The main functions were divided as follows:

- Parking: 22.000 sqm
- Residential: 27.000 sqm
- Hotel and congress center: 10.500 sqm
- Office and exhibition: 8.000 sqm
- Retail: 1.000 sqm

> Location

   Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

> Client 

   ECHO Development


> Period 

   2016 - Ongoing

> Architectural design

   Kenzo Tange Associates

Project Summary


320.000 sqm

Value of works


- Masterplan and feasibility study​ (with Kenzo Tange)

- Concept design for Fire Engineering,

- Safety and security in BIM


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