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New showroom and store

The Porcelanosa Group, founded in Spain in the early seventies and now active in over 70 countries, is made up of eight companies, which cover diversified sectors: from ceramic floor and wall coverings to natural cladding materials (stone and marble) or technologically advanced (ventilated facades, latest-generation ceramics, solar panels, etc.), to furnishing kitchens and bathrooms, accessories, faucets, etc., also including the complete design and construction for wellness and SPA systems.

In Italy, the Group is present with six direct sales points (the "tiendas"), of which the one in Milan Corsico is the main one. The building, owned by the Group and built on a direct commission basis, includes the showroom, warehouses and administrative offices, adopting a model already developed for the numerous Porcelanosa "tiendas" in the world.

Also in the architectural composition and in the materials of the façade, the building adopts the Corporate image, developed in the showrooms of the main headquarters of Villarreal.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

Venispor Italia SpA


> Period 

   1999 - 2001

> Architectural design

Project Summary


11.350 sqm

Value of works



- Concept, detailed, construction design for strucutres and MEP,

- Tender phase assistance,

- Construction supervision,

- Health and safety

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