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University of Trento

The project concerns a new university campus for the scientific faculties of Trento’s University, to be realized outside the city. There are two main buildings, organized as blocks with inner courtyards. Besides the spaces for education, the new complex hosts some research laboratories for bio-technologies, together with a Library and a students’ restaurant.

The block 1 contains areas for teachers’ studios, didactic laboratories and administrative offices; these last ones are located at the second floor, whereas the classrooms are located at the ground floor and at the first floor, in order to facilitate their accessibility. In particular, the ground floor hosts the lecture theater and the atrium, which are open to the surrounding landscape by means of big windows.

Besides, at the first underground level, the block 1 hosts some common spaces, such as the students’ restaurant and the areas destined for Documents Archives and Scientific Collections; these spaces overlook a courtyard at the same level, accessible from the ground floor atrium. From the ground level atrium is also possible to reach a roof-garden.

The rooms at the lower level overlook the valley, at the western side; the rooms at the first floor are open toward an upper courtyard, which stands above the lecture theater.

The block 2 contains the departments; the wings at the eastern and western side, which are 24 meters large, contain the laboratories, while the other two southern and northern wings contain the staircases.

> Location

   Trento, Italy

> Client 

 University of Trento


> Period 

   2002 - 2006

> Architectural design

Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm

Project Summary


44.800 sqm

Value of works

46.4 MLN


- Preliminary and detailed design for structures, 

- Cost control, 

- Safety coordination plans

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